Certified Microsoft Excel Course

Microsoft Excel course is a complete e-learning experience that has everything you need to become a confident, certified user. The course is designed with a variety of instructional styles, video lengths, and levels of difficulty. Beginners will enjoy the novice-level videos, which cover the very basics of how to use MS Excel. Intermediate users looking for a challenge will enjoy the intermediate-level videos which provide more in-depth coverage of these topics.

  • Learn the basics of Excel with a professional trainer from Microsoft.

  • No ads, no distractions, and we’re committed to your success.

  • A perfect course for beginners, but also includes advanced features as well so you can learn them.

  • The course is available in Hindi and English so it’s accessible to everyone.

  • Certificate after completing the course signed by a Microsoft Certified Trainer.

Excel Course is a course for Excel beginners to advanced. 104 videos, lifetime access, certificate. Trained by Microsoft Certified Trainer. There are practice files attached to the course.

The Microsoft Excel course is a one-stop solution for all of you. The course includes 104 videos in 7 hours and also provides lifetime access to the videos. Furthermore, it has the practice files attached to the course which will help you in your future career. This course is not only for beginners but also for those who are intermediate and advanced in Excel. The Trainer is a Microsoft Certified Trainer, so he/she knows how to teach